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True vocal champions

It was with great excitement that the Wittedrift High School "Champions" chose to have an interview in the MC90.3FM studios with Wendy Shepherd on The Wendy House on Drive on Friday last week. 

These young people are the future of South African music and it was a real honour and pleasure to have them with us. We apologise for the poor sound quality, but doing live interviews in the studio can be challenging.

Watch the live interview here:


The Wittedrift High School singing group, "Champions" sing and perform the song "Hall of Fame" by The Script (ft. for the Woolworths / Pharrell Williams "Sing with Us" competition. Recorded and performed in an around the beautiful town of Plettenberg Bay, South Africa.

"Without a doubt, one of the best moments I have ever had in twenty-two years of broadcasting was the privilege of interviewing the youngsters from WIttedrift High School. I have seldom seen such pride and abundant talent present in such young people. I was delighted and humbled that the honour fell to me to give them a voice on air. It is an experience I shall take with me always.

My consummate thanks to Peter Auersberg who helped to make it happen, and to Adele of Plett Music Academy who coached these beautiful young people to be the Champions they undoubtedly are." said Wendy Shepherd after the interview.

Special thanks must go to: Plett Tourism, Adele Greasley (Plett Music Academy - 0839573241), Jane Donald, Leon Swart, Cape Nature Conservation, Yellow Wood Spur, Le Cafeteria, Ian from Music Box and everyone else who helped make this project happen.


We all wish them well with their singing careers. Onward and Upward.